The date in French (Learn French Numbers 1-31, Days and Months)

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► Saying dates in French is so useful! In this video for beginners, you'll not only learn French weekdays, numbers, and months but also practice with real dialogues.

► Here's what you'll learn in this everyday conversation video:

An example of date in French could be: "lundi 15 septembre".

So first, we are going to cover the days of the week in French. You'll learn to ask "Which day is it ?" and practice weekdays in your answer.

Then you'll go through months in French and answer "In which month were you born?".

But to have a full date we also need
So we'll count together from 1 to 31 i and I'll give you some tips to remember tricky numbers.

At that point, you'll be ready to answer the following question "When is your birthday?".

Finally, we'll practice dates one more time with this question "When is your appointment?" and you'll be confident to give a date in French.

00:00 What you're going to learn
00:42 Days & Months
02:54 Numbers 1-31
07:43 Birthday
08:33 Appointment
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